Novel Social Innovation Concept

  • Project: Novel Social Innovation Concept
  • Duration: 2014年度
  • Members: 安達 眞聡,Gonzalo Aguirre Dominguez,佐々木 崇史,津村 遼介,古志 知也,森 欣司
  • Abstract: In this study, we propose an innovative approach inspired by the concept of
    social innovation, centered around the social viewpoint. It consists of a system for the successful implementation and sustainable development of new infrastructure projects in emerging countries.
  • Publication/Demonstration:
    • Masato Adachi, Gonzalo Aguirre Dominguez, Takafumi Sasaki, Ryosuke Tsumura, Tomoya Koshi, Kinji Mori. 2015. Novel Social Innovation Concept Based on the Viewpoint of the Infrastructure User, 2015 IEEE Twelfth International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems, pp.295-300.