MR Haptic Bottum Display

  • Project: MR Haptic Bottum Display
  • Duration: 2014年度
  • Members: Aguirre Dominguez, Sophon Somlor, Alexander Shmitz
  • Abstract: This paper describes a combined tactile sensor and
    haptic interface that can change its stiffness using
    magnetorheological fluids (MR fluid). The tactile sensor consists
    of 6 distributed capacitive sensors that can sense the location
    and the amount of applied force. Above the sensors is a chamber
    filled with MR fluid. By changing the magnetic field, the
    hardness of the MR fluid, and thereby of the haptic interface,
    can be changed. Fast changes of the magnetization direction
    lead to a sensation of vibration. The resulting device can be used
    for novel haptic input devices or for robotic grippers. A
    prototype device has been constructed, and the effects of the
    varying magnetic field and the resulting varying stiffness of the
    MR fluid on the distributed force sensing with the capacitive
    sensors has been evaluated. We discovered that the measured
    forces vary very little with changes in the strength of the
    magnetic field.
  • Publication/Demonstration:
    • Sophon Somlor, Gonzalo Aguirre Dominguez, Alexander Schmitz, Mitsuhiro Kamezaki and Shigeki Sugano. 2015. A Haptic Interface with Adjustable Stiffness Using MR Fluid, 2015 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM), pp.1132-1137.