JST・リーデイング共催:静岡大 Zhi LIU助教講演会 (3月10日(日)実施)

日 時 2019年3月10日(日) 11:00〜12:00
場 所 実体情報学博士プログラム「工房」
講 師 Zhi LIU(静岡大学 助教)
対 象 早稲田大学 理工学術院 修士課程学生、博士課程学生
募集人数 西早稲田 50名 IPS 20名(先着順)
問い合わせ先 Email: cheng.zhang#aoni.waseda.jp (#から@を変えてください)


タイトル: Optimal multi-view and VR Video multicast
概要: Immersive video such as multi-view and virtual reality (VR) video provides users extraordinary viewing experience by allowing subscriber to switch viewing angle during the playback.  Immersive video draws more and more attentions from both industry and academia, however, the efficient streaming of immersive video remains an open question. During this talk, I will overview the challenges and solutions towards the intelligent immersive video streaming and share some schemes we designed for the immersive video transmission. In particular, we optimally design the multicast for multi-view and VR video considering their requirements and system constraints.
講演者 略歴: Zhi Liu received the B.E., from the University of Science and Technology of China, China and Ph.D. degree in informatics in National Institute of Informatics. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Shizuoka University. His research interest includes video network transmission, vehicular networks and mobile edge computing. He was the recipient of the IEEE StreamComm2011 best student paper award, 2015 IEICE Young Researcher Award and ICOIN2018 best paper award. He is and has been a Guest Editor of journals including Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Sensors and IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems. He has been serving as the chair for number of international conference and workshops. He is a member of IEEE and IEICE.
共催: 科学技術振興機構(JST)SICORP・リーディング実体情報学博士プログラム