日 時 12月4日(木)13:00~
12月5日(金)13:00~ ※12月5日の申し込みは締め切りました。
場 所 実体情報学博士プログラム「工房」
講 師 Prof. Robert Kowalski(英国 Imperial College名誉教授)
対 象 早稲田大学 理工学術院 修士課程学生、博士課程学生
申し込み 4日の講義への参加希望者は、直接会場へお越しください。

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12月4日(木) 13:00~14:30
【1】英語での論文の書き方の講義 Lecture on “Logic and English”
要旨: In this talk, I will show some of the relationships between logic and natural language, such as English. I will argue that understanding these relationships can help a writer to communicate information more clearly and more effectively. For this purpose, I will look at examples that illustrate the close relationship between logic and English. I will also look at the advice given in books about improving English writing style, and will interpret that advice in logical terms.
12月5日(金) 13:00~
【2】英文アブストラクトのワークショップ Workshop on abstract refinements(一人当たり30分で個別指導)
要旨: This goal of this workshop is to learn how to use logic to improve English writing, so that it is easier to understand. For this purpose, we will look at research abstracts written by students of informatics, and discuss how to make the abstracts as easy as possible to understand.

A typical abstract for discussion at the workshop could be an abstract of an MSc or PhD thesis, or an abstract of a research article. Although the thesis or article itself is likely to be too specialised to be understood by someone working in a different field, the abstract should be written to be understood by as wide an audience as possible.
To make this possible, the writer may have to make a special effort, to write the abstract more simply than would be normal.

To participate in the workshop, you are encouraged to submit an abstract of your own research about a third of a page long. Participants who do not submit abstracts are also welcome to attend the workshop and participate in the discussion.

講演者 略歴

英国 Imperial College 名誉教授。Department of Computingに所属し、論理型プログラミング,定理証明などの分野で多大な功績をあげる。