Finished30 Oct. 2017
Date: 4th Dec. 2017 (9:50-17:30) Title: Evolving Embodiment Informatics: AI and IoT Perspectives Venue: Conference room, 1F, Building No.55, Nishi-Waseda Campus
Finished28 Jun. 2017
Finished27 May. 2017
Finished9 Dec. 2016
Title: Global Innovation and the Role of Academia Date: Tuesday 17th January 2017 (10:00-17:30) Venue: Conference room, 1F, Building No.55, Nishi-Waseda Campus
Finished3 Dec. 2015
Finished18 Spet. 2015
Title: Challenges of the Second Year
Finished7 Sep. 2015
Title: Business Changes in AI Era
Finished15 Jun. 2015
A team of the leading program students (Akira Kato, Ryosuke Tsumura, and Naomi Okamura) was awarded the 2nd place Design Competition Award for the presentation they gave at the 2015 Annual LIMBS Summit (held at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) on June 5th). The presented work, one of the prominent achievements from "integrated research" set by the leading program, is about a design of the ankle-foot coupling called Multi-Axis Rubber Coupling (MARC). As it can be produced with cheap materials that are available in developing countries, their work would initiate a collaborative research project with a UTEP reseach team.
Finished5 Jun. 2015
Title: Boeing 787 & Basic Aviation
Finished14 May. 2015
Title: An Ontology of Function and Benefits in its Deployment in Manufacturing Industry
Finished20.May 2015
Title: "Soft Robotics" - the next generation of intelligent machines
Finished8.apr 2015
Title: Lecture on application method  for “DC” and “KAKEN” of JSPS
Finished13 Jan. 2015
Title: Challenges of the First Year
Finished18 Dec. 2014
Title: Social Media Analytics for Smarter Cities
Finished4 and 5 Dec. 2014 (13:00- )
Title: Lecture & Workshop on "Logic and English"
Finished18 Nov. 2014 (10:30-12:00)
Title: Innovation and my own business philosophy
Finished24 and 29 Oct. 2014
Title: Multiple aspects, the demand from the diversified society
Finished26 Sep. 2014 (13:30-17:00)
Title: Design's Essence and its Social Factors
Finished31 Jul. 2014 (14:45-16:15)
Title: Canon's R&D for Creating Distinctive Technologies
Finished3 Jul. 2014
The 4th colloquium