The 3rd colloquium(the 2015 academic year)

Date 20th May. 2015 (13:00-14:30)
Venue Graduate Program for Embodiment Informatics “Kobo”
Lecturer Rolf Pfeifer, Prof. em. University of Zurich, Switzerland
Title  “Soft Robotics” – the next generation of intelligent machines
Reserving a spot Send an e-mail to the address below with your name, affiliation, and grade.
Those wishing to participate in this colloquium should reserve a spot in advance. (Number of participants: 50 for Nishi-Waseda and 20 for IPS; on a first come, first served basis)
E-mail Administration Office of the Graduate Program for Embodiment Informatics
(When you send e-mail, please change “_at_” to “@”.)


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