The 1st colloquium(the 2015 academic year)

Date  8th Apr. 2015 (13:00-14:30)
Venue  Graduate Program for Embodiment Informatics “Kobo”
Lecturer Professor Hiroshi G. OKUNO(Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University)
Title Lecture on application method  for “DC” and “KAKEN” of JSPS
Reserving a spot Send an e-mail to the address below with your name, affiliation, and grade.
Those wishing to participate in this colloquium should reserve a spot in advance. (Number of participants: 50 for Nishi-Waseda ; on a first come, first served basis)
E-mail Administration Office of the Graduate Program for Embodiment Informatics
(When you send e-mail, please change “_at_” to “@”.)

(*Language : Japanese)

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