Student Support

Various Career Paths

As various companies and research institutions are involved in QE, project examination, research guidance, internships, overseas study, and other programs, students can get valuable opportunities to interact with domestic and overseas companies and research institutions from early on in their study
in this program. This interaction provides students with more job opportunities than conventional job search efforts based on university recommendations or their own applications, enabling students to choose various career paths.

Students enrolled in this program are entitled to a study grant and other financial assistance as described below.

  • Study Grant Program
    Every student enrolled in this program is provided with a monthly study grant up to 200,000 yen (up to 2.4 million yen annually).
    Note that recipients of this study grant cannot receive a scholarship from the Japan Student Services Organization or other organizations, or work part-time or as a teaching assistant or resident assistant. (For more details, contact the Administration Office of the Graduate Program for Embodiment Informatics.)
  • Students are fully funded for the overseas English study program and the overseas internship program (six months).
  • In the third to fifth years, students are given a research allowance depending on the details of their research.

Recipient list

from Feb 2014
  • Kazuma SASAKI
  • Yang CAO